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"I believe that God has given me the opportunity to shine and give back through the gift of dance.  Since diabetes runs in my family, I have a dream to be the arms and legs for those who suffer with this illness and hope that a cure will one day be found." - Freje Randall #SUPERGirl16

"The best journey in life are the ones we don't take alone.  The best thing you can do for yourself and those around you is love, love , love and love some more."  - Maya Nicole White #SUPERGirl15

“That night, I became SUPERGirl 2014. It has been such an amazing year full of blessings and many rewards I didn't expect. I'm so thankful and can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me.” - Callie Holley #SUPERGirl14

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"I know I have purpose and to be in the company of these great ladies validates that I must live and serve like there's no tomorrow." - Iyanni Pradia #SUPERGirl17